About us

This is to introduce, ssekanolya Publications Ltd, incorporated in 2018. The company handles media-related engagements and pitches for business opportunities that include among others Media Consulting and Outsourcing, business and institutional profiling (online and print); Communication Strategy and Public Relations, Research, Advertising and Marketing and, Events Management, with its print media brand, www.ssekanolya.co.ug starting in Jan 2021.

Ssekanolya newspaper (Luganda) weekly publications whose distribution is 12,000 copies, respectively. Among the targeted beneficiaries of our information dissemination and public relations trajectory are judicial officers, police and prisons officers, social workers and the general public.

Action Plan

Ssekanolya Publications’ long term strategy is to build herself into one of the leading and reliable media and communications agencies in Africa.


Promotion, dissemination and free exchange of ideas and information in a bid to strengthen democracy, good governance and accountability. We also strive to entertain and educate the masses.

…The Team

Ssekanolya Publications ltd is led by the Managing Editor, who works with the Associate Editor, over 25 journalists, freelance writers and contributors; the Marketing and Finance team; the Human Resource team, to pull off tasks at hand.

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