The political climate is slowly drifting and the horizon looks hazy for the NUP Members of Parliament.

The shortest route to Parliament in Buganda was driving through the wave of dissent to Musevenis almost 4 decade rule by showing utmost disgust and mounting the opposition ‘horse wave’ even if you don’t believe in it that much.

Kyagulanyi’s fallout with his Buganda vice President Mathias Mpuuga on allegations of corruption has complicated the equation of many who mounted the opposition ‘horse wave’ whose major focus and agreeable agenda to all was to pretend to unseat Yoweri Museveni .

Many have used this route without traffic lights and impediment to get to the August House and comfortably enjoy the proceeds on Musevenis dining table where the national cake is shared by those christened as “Honourables” even if many fall below standard.

Kyagulanyis inferiority complex after observing the academically giant legislators who had mounted his ‘wave horse’ and would be subordinates resulted into the introduction of corruption traffic controls which threaten the pundits and collapse of the entire party which virtually is saturated with corrupt ‘Honourables’.

The corruption bar set by Kyagulanyi seems too high for any active Ugandan to pass!
Legislators have found themselves caught between the cross fire. Most are party to the numerous corruption deals at parliament and can’t ably vote to crucify the most distinguished and qualified former leader of Opposition for a crime they’re all committing everyday in the corridors of power.
Especially through passing budget estimates, fraudulent payments from government officials and exaggerated travel and health claims.

Secondly, opposition’s strong hold is the Buganda region and it is trite that all Opposition leadership should pay allegiance to the traditional leadership of the region.

The catch-22 is, Hon Mathias Mpuuga is one of the most revered leaders in Buganda where opposition in Uganda derives its relevance.
By humiliating one of Buganda’s best, friend to Katikiro Mayiga, it’s by implication fighting the oldest and strongest traditional arrangement in Uganda.

Kyagulanyi has grown to think that he can be bigger than the institution and looks determined to take them on!
Legislators who have not done anything to their constituencies have to take options between the belligerent Buganda and Kyagulanyi because the battlelines have shifted from national politics where any sane opposition knows that its next to impossible to win Museveni in a ballot box.

Mpuuga and the Catholic church are one and the same as his role and respect to the church can’t be underestimated.

In Luwero alone , I see a confused NUP leadership in disarray and walking on quagmire where Hon Nabukenya and Hon. Sekitoleko former staunch DP and Buganda diehards and now turned NUP are towing each other in murky weather on which route to take in the fracas of their new boss Kyagulanyi and their long time ally Mpuuga and Buganda.

For Katikamu North constituency’s desperate Sekabira Denes the most inefficient , most corrupt and NUP during day and NRM at night has no option but to bet on Kyagulanyis wave as there’s no sane Ugandan in the constituency that can vote him again.

As for the Catholic church, all parishioners are against sekabira for fleecing their church 80 millions when he rented their new KALUDO complex building for two years without pay and after took the now Archbishop to court.
He used this to accommodate a fake nursing school which has fleeced millions from unsuspecting parents and students to award fake certificates in unregistered instutions which were recently closed by the education Ministry.

In the struggle to gain lost relevance in Kyagulanyis camp, MP Sekabira hired goons to stop the Buganda Kingdom’s Katikiro from accessing the stadium demanding for Kabaka Mutebis whereabouts!

This obviously didn’t go down well with Buganda and meetings are on around the Bulemeezi football camp never to allow him to attend the Masaza for the shame he placed on the Kingdom.

The Kabaka has kept his ground that its him to decide when to appear not them to decide when and how he appears!
( kabaka yasiima sossi bantu bebasiima alabike).
The crossroads the NUP group finds itself in around Luwero is a choice between Buganda and Kyagulanyi and this impasse can be solved by a regional tier which is in the Ugandan constitution or ammend the constitution to adopt a Federal structure.

This will mean that we have an elected Katikiro and Kyagulanyis wish to displace Mayiga as the most high official in the region is worth the fight because he will not only be a King but also a King maker. For Katikiro Mayiga who as of now is Kabaka’s favourite and seems ready and willing to neutralise Buganda’s misdirected effort and hate towards the long serving father of the Nation Yoweri Museveni in not only a learned man but very shrewed, measured and his capacity to stand his ground cant be underestimated.

Ndawula Ronald
Luwero 2026

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