Minister Babalanda louds Maganjo Grain Millers for creating employment opportunities to Ugandans

The Minister for Presidency, Hon. Babirye Milly Babalanda has commended Maganjo Grain Millers for creating employment for young Ugandans.

“I salute you for this expansion and for creating employment for our young people. Above all, you have changed the face of Jinja City. I encourage all the others who are able to come to Jinja and establish industries. The population of Jinja has expanded tremendously, as you can see for yourselves. The stretch along Kamuli road and Jinja to Iganga highways are all bustling with people and businesses. You cannot go wrong with this population,” she said.

Hon. Babalanda made the remarks today as she presided over the inauguration of the factory’s flour production unit at Walukuba-Masese, Jinja City.

The Minister conveyed greetings from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the proprietors of the factory and informed them that he congratulated them upon this important achievement and milestone which is coinciding with 45 years of their existence in food processing.

“The President salutes you for contributing immensely to feeding the nation, creating employment and promoting commercial agriculture in the country,” she noted.

“I have come here not only to preside over this inauguration which is seen as a major contributor to reviving the industrial glory of Jinja City but also to celebrate the achievements of the National Resistance Movement particularly in the fight against unemployment and backwardness. With this new plant of Maganjo, Jinja has got a new facelift.”

Hon. Babalanda explained that with Maganjo in Busoga now, the sub region’s maize, sorghum and soya can no longer rot in the gardens.

“These have found a market and the benefits will accrue in the entire supply chain, right from the suppliers of seeds and inputs; the farmers; the transporters; the factory labourers; the traders of finished products; the media advertisers etc, etc – will all share in the Maganjo plant we are about to launch today,” she asserted.

“The ground breaking for construction of this plant we are launching today was done by myself not so long ago. I am indeed very surprised and quite humbled that you have completed this massive infrastructure of a 150 metric-tonne wheat mill in such a record time. It means that you have all it takes in this industry, you are highly motivated for the kind of business you are in and you have the potential to contribute to the growth and development of Jinja.”

The Minister further called upon the people of Busoga to support Maganjo Grain Millers and engage with them to do serious business for development.

“I congratulate you for the journey of 45 years since 1979 when you opened shop at Maganjo in Kawempe, Kampala. This has turned you into a leading miller of maize flour in the country. Your expansion to Jinja and Busoga at this 5-acre site in Masese Walukuba is commendable yet it has been long overdue for such an experienced company like yours,” Hon. Babalanda said.

“I have been told that the plant occupies only two and a half acres of land and the remaining three acres you have plans to construct stores for maize, soya and sorghum. This is welcome news for our farmers and grain suppliers who will do good business with you. With a high demand for wheat flour and your other bi-products such as wheat Atta, wheat pollard, wheat germ and other soya, maize and millet products; we look forward to expanding the local and foreign markets and as such your increased contribution to the national economy.”

On the other hand, the Minister called upon leaders in Jinja City, especially the Mayor, to improve the infrastructures and facilities around the industrial areas to enable investors to concentrate on production and to expand their portfolios.

According to Hon. Babalanda, if the investors cannot find Jinja to be a good destination for their investments, then they will relocate to other places as it has been the case in previous years.

“We need to protect our investors and attract many more. I want to congratulate Mayor Stephen Kabuye; the Chairman Maganjo Grain Millers Ltd and Mr. Benon Luggya the Managing Director, for steering Maganjo Grain Millers to this height. Please do not hesitate to share your winning tips with the business and investor communities of Jinja,” she urged.

“I want to congratulate the team at the Jinja Plant for settling in quickly and opening business to the people of Jinja and Busoga. To the young people who have been hired by the Jinja plant, please work hard, yearn to learn more through training and on-job skilling and work to improve your families. To the people of Busoga, please buy Maganjo products which are everywhere in your shops and supermarkets. Maganjo is now officially a friend of Busoga and you know what you do with a friend.”

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