When you hear people talking about luck, remember that it exists, just as this lucky winner won himself 425 million from just 1K!

He selected 29 games on ticket number 2302143460016753. Except for one game which was cancelled and of course didn’t affect the other, other 28 games, which went as he wished thus winning him 425,838,993 shillings.

You can say this was really his time to win big as he simply went for Fulltime home wins, Fulltime Away wins and a few games for double chance and all these games were for one day.

On picking his winnings from Fortebet head office, Kireka Accountant said, ” FC Porto almost denied me money. Am telling you I have been betting for some time but never had I won such a huge amount with my biggest before this being 7M I’m planning to do some investments, mostly capital investments, but I’d want to encourage my fellow punters to always bet with ForteBet and win big like me.’’

His ticket had a grand total Odd 500,987.05.

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