MTN Foundation recognizes 15 entrepreneurs for completing the incubation phase of the MTN Ace


MTN Uganda’s corporate social responsibility arm, MTN Foundation, has recognized 15 prospective entrepreneurs following completion of the three- month Business Incubation phase.

Business Incubation is the second phase of the MTN Ace Skilling Program aimed at extending

mentorship and support to entrepreneurs to deliver public good ICT solutions for their communities.

The 15 entrepreneurs were among the 32 participants who submitted their business ideas/solutions

following the completion of their initial 6-month MTN Ace Skilling program.

The MTN Ace Skilling program included among others training in International Computer Driver’s License (ICDL) certificate as well as technical and business skills.

Bryan Mbasa, the Senior Manager at the MTN Foundation said the company plans to help the 15

entrepreneurs with more mentorship as well as link them to prospective funders to enable them grow

and drive not only Uganda’s economic growth and social transformation but also job creation.

He said the selected entrepreneurs represent various sub-sectors including education, health,

economic empowerment and humanitarian response.

“We, at MTN Uganda, believe that every Ugandan deserves the benefits of a modern connected life

and our journey indicates that we moving closer to that goal,” he said.

“We are confident that these entrepreneurs will help come up with viable business opportunities and

create the much-needed jobs for our population and ultimately contribute to the economic and social

transformation of their communities.”

He said MTN Uganda is committed to ensuring that that these entrepreneurs succeed. Uganda has

been ranked as one of the most enterprising countries in the world with high percentages of new

business each year, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

However, the business failure rate remains also high due to inadequate skills and proper product

positioning and thus hindering faster economic growth, social transformation and job creation.

MTN Ace Skilling is one of the three MTN ACE program launched in December last year and

implemented in partnership with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, The National ICT


Innovation Hub, Centenary Technology Services, Refactory, MUBS Entrepreneurship Innovation, and

Incubation Centre, Engage Consults and MTN’s Fintech subsidiary, MTN MoMo Uganda Limited to

empower the youths.

MTN ACE Skilling program is tailor-made for the youths who are in or out of school to equip them with

entrepreneurial skills.

List of 15 entrepreneurs

SN Business Name Lead

1 Victors Food Supplies Sserwadda Brian

2 Mokachi Labs Evan Guma

3 E-Keep Olili Daniel

4 FikTube People’s Media Mubiru Shafik

5 Kairos Bookstore Racheal Twikirize

6 Roomie Akol Sharon Norah

7 Exit Drugs Initiative Marvin Mubiru

8 MTech Solutions Derrick Masiko

9 Miliveg Fresh Vegetables Mungufeni Milton

10 Elegant Homes Kevin Nabule

11 Cashmere Mercy Kesiime

12 Plantsome Agatha Tusiime

13 Nacos Ddamba Nicholas

14 PrimeSpot Wifi Kintu Joseph

15 Mindlyfe Kawekwa Douglas

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