Huawei Cloud Enterprise Innovation and SME Summit Uganda
2024 kicked off in Kampala where over 100 industry startups, fintech’s, venture capitals,
government organizations and key strategic partners in Uganda gathered for a colorful event held at
the Kampala Sheraton Hotel to share ideas on startup innovation, ecosystem collaboration and
digital transformation while using Cloud solutions. Representatives from some startups like KaCyber,
ioTec and Vouch digital also shared their success stories about Huawei Cloud services and Huawei’s
contribution thus far.
The Chief Guest Rt. Hon. Rukia Nakaddama the 3 rd Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda
reassured the guests that the Government of Uganda through Ministry of ICT and National Guidance
is committed to the agenda of digitalization. “This initiative emphasizes the role of digital
transformation in creation of jobs, stimulating innovation and boosting economic growth particularly
for SMEs and these digital technologies are essential for SMEs to stay competitive and overcome
traditional business barriers allowing them to improve processes and reach new markets”.
The 3 rd Deputy Prime Minister appreciated the Huawei management for the commitment to
digitalization and thanked Huawei for their ongoing support to enterprises in Uganda encouraging
businesses to adopt digital solutions that is evidenced in the testimonials from Kacyber in the
transport, ioTEC in the financial sector and encouraged more SMEs to tap into the cloud support
offered by Huawei under the Startup Program in Uganda that has been launched. She challenged
members present to spread the word beyond the walls of the room and do massive sensitization and
allow people in rural areas to get a better understanding of the Huawei Cloud services.
Hon. Gume Frederick, Minister of State for Trade in charge of Cooperatives said that the government
is doing its best efforts to go fully digital by 2040. In his remarks, Hon. Gume noted that Uganda is
going global and as such a business owner needs to be on the lookout for their production costs,
efficiency in production and marketing globally to foster sales and Huawei provides solutions to
operate optimally with the data security. He also encouraged young people to do business remotely
and reduce unemployment rates. Hon. Gume appreciated Huawei Technologies Uganda for its
contributions towards empowering SMEs in Uganda to grow using technologies like cloud.
Mr. Sunrise Xie, the Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Uganda Company Limited noted that
for over 20 years, Huawei has thrived in Uganda, witnessing and contributing towards the country’s
digital transformation. The journey has allowed Huawei Technologies Uganda Company Limited to
grow, create jobs, and nurture talent, largely due to the hospitality and the excellent business
environment in Uganda. “The Ugandan start-up ecosystem is expanding significantly, with a constant
increase in new start-ups across the country. The Ugandan start-ups are regarded as the hope for
national development. They are key drivers of innovation and economic growth.” said Mr. Sunrise.
Mr. Sunrise Xie also announced the launch of the Huawei Cloud Start-up Program for Uganda as a
new milestone of Huawei Cloud in Uganda and emphasized the commitment to continue
empowering enterprises to innovate and grow. He concluded by thanking the government

representatives present for their generous support towards the digitalization of the different
enterprises and SMEs in Uganda.
Mr. Yang Hui, Vice President Business Development Huawei Cloud noted that Huawei 30 years of
excellence in the ICT space has allowed it to offer three key services to its customers namely
infrastructure, technology and expertise which are key for digitalization. Huawei has built a global
cloud network which includes storage, computing and networking service solutions for its
customers. He also informed the audience that Huawei has developed and launched its own
database system offering the world the best choice for data solutions.
Mr. Kin Kariisa, CEO Next Media Group thanked Huawei Technologies for the work they continue to
do in Uganda in supporting local companies to attain their goals. He also implored the SMEs present
to work with Huawei if they are to be able to grow. Cloud computing offers media houses like Next
Media in storage and management of computing costs. He ended his remarks by urging government
institutions to embrace cloud computing to save tax payers money by doing more with less.
A very engaging and productive panel discussion under the event theme “Empowering Enterprises
to Innovate and Grow” which comprised of thoughtful leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts
who dissected the challenges in the local space, shared insights and ignited collaborations. Panelists
included: SC Pheona Wall, the CEO League of East African Directors (LEAD), Managing Director of
Infinity Computers &Communications Company LTD (i3C), Mr. Charles Musisi, Ms. Suzan Nsibirwa,
the Managing Director of Nation Media Group and the Moderator Ms. Evelyn Namara, the Global
Digital Inclusion Partnership (GDIP) as the Senior Programs Manager.
At the end of the summit, Huawei Uganda officially launched the Huawei Cloud Startup Program for
Uganda together with the invited guests. Speaking at the launch, Ms. Sooma Mukyala Fouziya, the
Public Relations Manager at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. said the initiative aims to support SMEs
with ICT solutions like cloud to grow their businesses so that in the long run, the country boasts of an
intelligent economy where all businesses are operating online as Huawei is leaving no one behind.
“Unlike other cloud providers, Huawei has offices in Uganda where clients can seek redress in
Uganda where clients can seek redress when they encounter any problems.” she said.

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