What a massive win! Have you thoroughly analysed this winner’s ticket? Can we collectively agree that there may not be any other ticket that will shatter this record? Almost certainly!
His courage and choice of odds/match winners were just special and on point, going for wins of teams that were least expected to win, and subsequently giving him unbelievable odd.
Cameron 1-0 win over Brazil with odd 12.00, Japan’s 2-1 win over Spain with odd 8.00, Tunisia 1-0 win over France with odd 7.20, Australia 1-0 with over Denmark with odd 7.00, South Korea’s 2-1 win over Portugal with odd 5.50 and lastly Switzerland’s 3-2 win over Serbia with odd 2.92 was all he needed to colour his ticket to a record-breaking win. It is therefore not surprising that his final odd was as big as 77,704.70 and paid him a total sum of UGX 77,704,700.
This win was on ticket number 3233330234259999 and all of his cash was immediately credited to the winner’s account on winning.
Congratulations and enjoy your Qatar World Cup cash!
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